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About Gorillas Brain

Every browser or web service has its own limitation and completing a simple task could turn in to a problematic piece of work. Browser extensions is the best answer to solve those tasks and to power up your browser or a web service you are using. They extend your functionality and productivity so that you are able to complete more in the same time.

Facing the same issues with limited web services and browsers we came up with a solution - creating browser extensions to solve those tasks. Thats why we gathered a team of highly experienced developers that you now know as Gorillas Brain team.

Our team is aimed and wants to help people by building plug-ins and Chrome extensions for their favorite browser and web services to become even more useful.

Our Extensions

Every our extension we are making to help you to ease your life.
We are proud of them and hope you will enjoy them too.

All Friends Remover for Facebook™

All Friends Remover for Facebook™

Remove all facebook™ friends
in just two clicks.

Removing all of your friends on Facebook has never been so easy. This extension will handle this dull task in just two clicks from any page of your browser. First click will open the page with your friends. The second click will delete them all at once.

Fast Delete Facebook™ Messages

Fast Delete Facebook™ Messages

Simply delete all Facebook™ messages in Chrome just in 2 clicks

How to delete all facebook messages at once? -Very simple and fast! Fast Delete Facebook Messages for Chrome will help you in this. To delete all messages, you just need to do two steps. Click on "Open Messages” and than on "Delete all messages".



For future wonderful extensions

Be sure to check often for new handy tools that will make your life easier.